A New Page!

I’ve added a new page to the blog, the first new page for a long time. It can be found in the menu bar labelled Slideshows/PTE. As the label suggests it is a repository for all my slideshows including those that I do not feature in a blog post. For me it will give a chronological record of my progress using Pictures to Exe.

For now here’s the latest slideshow to be uploaded to Vimeo, it’s exactly 2minutes 30 seconds long so not too much of your time:

Through the square window

Looking through my images from the first half of 2017 I realised that I produce a lot of square compositions across a wide range of genres. So what better way to practice using some of the techniques I’ve learnt this week than by producing a four minute slideshow with which to showcase them.

Square (Pictures to Exe) from Dave Whenham on Vimeo.

For those with Windows wanting the full PTE experience the file can be downloaded from my media fire account.

Vimeo – for all things PTE

I have decided to use my Vimeo account purely for my Pictures to Exe experiments and to use YouTube for my other videos and video diaries. Quite a few AV producers that I follow use Vimeo so I’m hoping that by being there I may see a little more “traffic” to my own PTE offerings.  I can be found at https://vimeo.com/user10575556.

I am currently working hard at understanding the audio-editing capabilities of PTE as  the next stage in my development as I see it is fitting the transitions between slides to the flow of the music. There are a few “good” examples in my current PTE offerings but I could do a LOT better I’m sure.

The revised version of Buckstones Edge (above) features some refinements in terms of presentation and don’t miss the end credit shot with a drone and produced in Final Cut Pro – melding the two disciplines already 🙂

For the Piece Hall slideshow I opted for a faster pace compared to my earlier offerings. It worked in parts but in places there was simply too much movement. I produced a re-worked version to see for myself how small changes could make a difference and was pleasantly surprised. Another thing on my to-do list is to find out how to make these reworked versions available online without cluttering my Vimeo account with various versions.

EDIT: if this has worked here’s the link to v2 of the Piece Hall video (Windows only).


Buckstones Edge

Shot over three days and using a mixture of video from the Fuji X-T20 and Mavic Pro, stills and time-lapse sequences together with a slideshow finale prepared in Pictures to Exe this video records three days of very trying weather and light!

I have been a stills photographer for many years but as my reader will know I have only started to make the transition into videography in the last few months. For this video I have decided to move away from a scripted voiceover (my wife said I sounded too “posh) and try to record a more spontaneous narration whilst out taking pictures.  Audio recording is a big challenge for me however and this video mixes two sources of voice-over/narration. The first is the iPhone and the second a handheld audio recorder (Zoom H2n) with a Rode  microphone. To me there is no doubts as to the first choice audio capture moving forward.

The usual YouTube link below but at the foot of the post is the link for an alternative version on Vimeo which I actually prefer.

Music: “On hearing the first cuckoo of Spring” by Frederick Delius
Fuji X-T20 and Fuji X-T1
iPhone 7 & Zoom Hn2 audio recorder
Mavic Pro
GoPro Hero Session 4 and Hero 3+ (Silver)


Alternate version on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/228978590



Reflections – July 2017

Looking back July was an interesting month. I completed the June video diary during the first week of the month having pre-prepared some of it at the end of June. I’m getting quicker with Final Cut Pro (FCP) and more adventurous with the edits. I’m also thinking more about what video I am going to need particularly B-roll type clips. Both skills that came in very handy during July. The main area to work on though is audio and I am working on that.

© Dave WhenhamDuring the second and third weeks I managed five separate outings with my cameras (and drone) which resulted in five video diaries and a handful of very pleasing still images. Pleasing because on none of those days did I get good light. It’s all about the light! I also grabbed my first aerial abstracts which was an unexpected bonus and the fulfilment of one of my photographic-wish-list items. The conditions, strong winds and frequent rain, haven’t leant themselves to aerial photography; at least not in the hands of a newbie like myself.

In the last week of the month I added a sixth trip, although I spent most of it sat in the car drinking coffee. I did get the shot I went for however (see below), albeit not in the light I had hoped for, and the video from that trip is currently sat in FCP awaiting the voiceover which I need to redo as I wasn’t happy with the original voiceover I recorded.

© Dave Whenham

One of the “features” of July was the totally inaccurate daily weather forecasts. I planned my trips in such a way as to be out when the conditions were due to be best for my needs and to be at home doing the domestic chores during the less appealing weather. In the end I managed exactly the opposite on all six occasions.

Whilst I did capture some nice still photographs with both of the Fujis and of course with the drone my main focus during July was videos. Skills such as shooting video footage, experimenting with using the iPhone to record voiceovers whilst on the spot and of course practicing with FCP all received plenty of attention during the month. I ended the month pleased with what I had achieved and satisfied that for the first time in many months I had made the most of those opportunities that had presented themselves. It was good getting out again with a camera and a tripod, not forgetting my flask, and I hope that August will be as productive.

There is no video diary for July as I mentioned previously. Given the number of videos I posted it seems superfluous and I’d only be reusing the same footage.

Of course on the final day of the month I installed Parallels software on my iMac and started playing with Pictures to Exe, but that’s for the August update!